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    This bank mod allows you to mail something you don't need to the bank account and receive credit for it. You can then withdrawal something that you do need using your bank credit. For example: I gather a stack of silk cloth on my main. I mail it to Visa. Visa then mails it to FDICBank. Once I sign on to FDICBank and check the mail that stack of cloth will go into the bank and give me a credit of its current Auction price. Say someone else has deposited a stack of mageweave. If I need mageweave and have enough credit I will mail a letter to FDICBank asking for the mageweave. FDIC will then mail me the mageweave and subtract that much money from my credit. This way you can trade in game without the other person having to be online. If this is something you all would like follow these directions. The link to DL this mod is You simply DL the mod to the Add Ons folder: Open C://, Open Program Files, Open World of Warcraft, Open Interface, Open AddOns, DL to this folder. Then open up the WoW program. Go to your character selection screen. In the bottom left hand corner there is a tab named AddOns. Click that and make sure GuildBankAccount is checked. Then enter WoW as normal. To access the bank go to Social > Guild > Bank (Top left hand corner). As soon as I sign on with FDICBank the information will be updated and you will be able to mail FDIC to deposit and withdraw.
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